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Hot New Music: Bitter Bones – “Where Were You” (Video)

Bitter Bones is one of the top tier artists, that is making a major impact on pop and hip hop culture. He has created a style and sound that is so unique, that it is truly mind blowing when you think about it, something that brings pop culture and “Sad Rap” to an entirely different level than where it is right now.

Bitter Bones single “All OKay” just got the attention of Spotify’s Discover Weekly Playlist and is doing really well on there. The record is well over 30,000 streams and this is the first time that he has been placed on a Spotify Curated playlist.

Today Bitter Bones had decided he wants to drop the video for “Where Were You’ which has an interesting concept behind the video. Just to give you a little bit about the storyline, he shows up to a funeral and it’s actually his own funeral! Can we all say “Interesting?”

Watch “Where Were You” Now.


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