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Cardi B Throws the Whole Tree at Nicki in her verse on Pardison Fontaine’s “Backin’ It Up” [VIDEO]







Okay so Cardi may have recorded this when she was 5 months pregnant but it is interesting that she chose to release this video with Pardi at this time. Definitely excellent strategy. The timing couldn’t have been better.

Here’s a section of her verse 👀:

“B-tches think they fuckin’ with me, must be sick in the head
Why don’t you chill with the beef and get some chicken instead?
Got the crown, shut it down, have them hype up in the 6
If she dead, let her lay won’t bring no life into this b-tch
Lookin’ this good should be a sin, you should call me cinnamon
Cardi B, bad b-tch, those is fucking synonyms”

There was a slight issue with Cardi and Nicki before she was pregnant though so it could still be about Nicki. It could also be towards any hating women in general. Who knows. We’re just glad to see Cardi get back into creating music and being active. Pardison also did his thing on this track. Check out the music video below:

Pardi is one of her day one bros so it’ s only right that they finally released a track together. Can’t wait to see what else is in store for these two. I also can’t wait to see if Nicki will respond to this. Hm. We’ll see!


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