Burn Money Music Drops Bridge City Cyphers Episode 8 ft. Rising Stars kayelaJ, Swiggle Mandela, Nick B and RC $pitta


Burn Money Music is back with the 8th installment of their Bridge City Cyphers! It’s really dope what Burn Money is doing for their city. Putting local artists on the map and giving them an opportunity to show the world their talent is dope!

“We started creating Bridge City Cyphers to unite Northwest Hip-Hop artists and showcase their unique sounds and styles in a collaborative way. Artist’s meet at Burn Money head quarters to write and pre-record the cypher, and then film at a location all in one night/session vs. how a traditional cypher often films a live freestyle.” – Aleca, Burn Money Music

Check out the cypher below:

kayelaJ, Swiggle Mandela, Nick B and RC $pitta killed all of their verses. Each artist brings their own style and sound that flows fluidly over the well produced beat. This is real hop vibes on here. No cap. There is so much talent in Portland that has been kept in. Thankfully Burn Money Music is here.

Check out some other cyphers below:


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