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@MavrickSavvy New Single “Paradice” [VIDEO]

“A “Maverick” is defined as an unorthodox or independent-minded person; “Savvy” is a noun that implies shrewdness and practical knowledge. By definition, Mavrick Savvy fits the bill. Born in Texas and bred in multiple cities from east to west coast, Mavrick has seen his fair share of adversity. Not one to give up, his motto became “Live it Up”. From court cases and incarceration at a young age to life threatening and ultimately life changing situations, Mav shines as bright as the sun. His songs are filled with passion and a realness that is rare to find. Coupled with his raspy voice, he creates a synergy that carries you in the direction of each track like a leaf in the breeze. Sometimes there is just ” More Than You Know”, and Mavrick Savvy is no exception.”

Paradice is the second single release to his upcoming album titled “More Than You Know”. Full length album release planned for end of 2018. The track has a dope beat. It was produced nicely. He raps about his his life and how he’s leveling up. The chorus is very catchy. It’s basically like a don’t judge a book by it’s cover type of situation. He plays on the word paradise by using “pair of dice” to describe how he doesn’t have anything to lose. He also using it as “paradise”, something he’s looking for. Take a listen to the track below:

He also has a music video to this song. Check it out below:

The music video was set in an airport, at baggage claim to be exact. There are also some cool shots of him performing and him in an empty area with just his car and color bombs. When you listen really closely, he almost sounds like Eminem with a Texan accent. The jump cuts and transitions in this video were also pretty dope.

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