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Eric Bellinger & AD Collab on a New Project as “Poncho Belly & Dizzle” [LISTEN: New Single “Pullin Up”]


R&B crooner Eric Bellinger and Compton rapper AD took on the names ‘Poncho Belly’ and ‘Dizzle’ for their new project. Bellinger explained the names: “We adopted nicknames for each other in the studio instantly! I had recently just come back from Mexico and I bought every color poncho I could find out there, and AD was on his classy hood player shit as always, so it was only right to call him Dizzle. What started off as a joke birthed into what will be a proud moment for us when this album drops.”
Their first single off the project is called “Pullin Up” It’s about a beautiful looking woman that catches both of their attention. Bellinger sings about how the beautiful women are always around in abundance. He sings about his cars and how he’s at the top of his game so of course, they pull up. Check out the single below:



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