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Laura Lee’s Academy Award Deserving “Apology” [Video]

How do you try to tarnish someone else’s career but end your own instead? *sips tea*

Anywho, Beauty youtuber turned makeup guru Laura Lee is being ridiculed for her apology video. A little backstory on why she even had to make one in the first place is because she has petty beef with mega Beauty guru Jeffree Star who also has his own things going on. She tried to shade Jeffree on Twitter along with other beauty youtubers which was a fail. She should have known that wouldn’t have worked. Out of all social media, Twitter is the most ruthless and of course old tweets were found. Old RACIST tweets from her. Check it out below:


Not only did she tweet this but she also tweeted fat-shaming tweets as well. We all know she only made this vid because people were telling her she needs too. She was quiet for so long and not addressing anything but now this. Watch the vid below:

Why did sis say in the vid that she retweeted that tweet? That’s clearly a response. If you’re going to lie, at least research and get the story right and together. She has enough money for good PR come on now. Twitter has already began dragging her and cancelling her and her makeup as well as her friends. You already know Jeffree is loving every minute. Check out his responses:

Nobody believes this mess hunny

Welp. I mean….karma? Let’s look at Laura one more time:


Trying so hard to let a tear drop out. #LauraLeeisOverParty has commenced.


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