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Retawded: Damar Jackson releases hot new music video featuring Gucci!

TIG recording artist Damar Jackson has a hit on his hand and the people are taking notice to the R&B singer who is fresh off tour with labelmate YFN Lucci.

Make sure to check out video below!

The new music video featuring Gucci Mane has already hit over a million+ views!

This record has been taking over the clubs and hitting mainstream stations all over.

“Retawded is something that’s big in our culture in Louisiana. We use this term in a good way and soon as I heard the beat I knew I was going go crazy. This song touches a lot of people in every city and small town because we all have a Martin Luther King street around the world. And as far as the south, we all know about Circle K.This is the song of the summer with the tempo and bounce. Me and Gucci chopped it up and he knew, as soon as he heard it, that it was a hit. I respect him for rocking wit me and recognizing my art. This is just the beginning of me becoming the new face of RnB.”
-Damar Jackson

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