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Meek releases his new music video “1942 Flows” and he’s still locked up!

Rapper Meek Mill is locked up and his fans are expressing their feelings for the young man to be released from custody. Rapper Rick Ross and many people from all over the country has even gone as far as protesting on behalf of the Maybach Music Group artist and founder of Dream Chasers.

After the release of the very successful album “Wins and Losses”, Meek was charged and sentenced to serve time for riding on a dirt bike and popping wheelies. Since he’s been away, the city of Philadelphia have been inspired to do things that has never been done, one of the biggest moments for the city was winning the Super Bowl.  The team actually celebrated by playing the classic “Dreams & Nightmares”.

Believe it or not, Meek is more than just a rap superstar, he’s the voice of Philly and the streets is in need of him. With him being locked away for his celebrity status, this is a situation that must not be overlooked as the local authorities is intentionally harassing Meek.

If you rock with him, make sure you represent for him and use the hashtag (#FREEMEEK) while playing this song as loud as you can for our homie!

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