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COMING TO AMERICA??? American Woman becomes a Princess after she married a disguised Prince from Africa!

 Ariana Austin’s story is indeed the real life version of the classic movie “Coming To America”.

Ariana became an African princess last month when she married into the royal family of Ethiopia – after meeting her future husband DC lawyer Joel Makonnen at a modern day ‘ball’.  But Joel isn’t just any lawyer, in fact he’s known to the royals as Prince Yoel. The couple first met on the dance floor in Washington, DC at a nightclub called Pearl and decided to tie the knot last month, which is 12 years prior to meeting.

For a long time, Joel disguised the fact that we was indeed royal. He is the great-grandson of the last emperor of Ethiopia, Haile Selassie I, through his second son, Prince Makonnen.

I did a bit of research to prove the relations and he’s really a PRINCE!!!

The newly weds hosted a formal reception at Foxchase Manor in Manassas, Virginia where over 300+ guests devoured platters of Ethiopian food and slices of Guyanese black cake.


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