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ISSA THOT or NOT??? Stephanie Sheperd on the Red Carpet during amfAR Los Angeles

Stephanie Shepherd is one of the hottest celebrities assistants on the planet. Truthfully speaking, she’s slaying out here with a full set of lips,  nice ass and perky breast. Shepard has been on our radar since making a statement on behalf of Kim Kardashian West after she was a victim in the robbery where millions of dollars of Jewelry was taken at gunpoint while visiting Paris.

Check out this amazing see through outfit she decided to wear during AmfAR Los Angeles event which raised over $2 million dollars to fight AIDS. Since posting the photo, some people have started calling her a thot simply because she wore a see through outfit which is pictured below.

All we want to know is…. ISSA THOT OR NOT?


A new face we can all get use too!
Sorry Kim… Stephanie is hotter!
Stephanie Sheperd is hot and she know it!


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