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Q&A with Portia Riggins… The hot model on the rise out of Texas!!!

Full Name: Portia Riggins
Hometown: Austin, Texas
DOB: 05/27/1991
HT: 5’7″
WT: 124 LBS
Agency: Free Lance Model
Biggest Goal: Remaining Faithful to God all while having a Empire that will move many generations.
There’s many beautiful women living in Austin, Texas. One of the women who will catch your eye is Portia, a model standing around 5’7″ and weighting around 124 lbs. Portia is charismatic, fierce, polite and gorgeous woman who’s ready to take the modeling industry by storm. Notable magazines are starting to take notice as she has been named Jet’s Beauty of the Week and is now a participant in Maxim Finest contest for the chance to be published as well as receive up to $25,000 in cash and gifts.
Portia is the founder of What Models Want and she has become one of the most sought out upcoming models in the nation. Many speak on her resemblance to Chili of Multi Platinum R&B group TLC and the beautiful Pocahontas. She also has her very own unique approach in many ways, especially when it comes to urban fashion. The Maxim contest is something that would help her career go to the next level as it will help bring more exposure to her brand.
Catch Portia hosting “Sunday Funday” tonight at Lux located at 620 W. 6th Street in Austin, Texas.
What made you want to become a model? 
Portia: I always admired modeling as a form of art. So, I began to step my foot in the industry with confidence. Then I realized I was actually fairly good at it, which was at the age of 18. This was a time where I was booking modeling gigs before the social media empire took full control in all its full potential.
Modeling began to remark a more defined me, in many different forms. I always was shy and hidden; it gave me more definition to my character. That spark! Just like some artist are reserved in real life, but has an alter ego on stage. I can say it’s the same for me with modeling.
Are you single? If so, why?
Portia: Yes, I finally understand the meaning of patiently waiting on God’s will.
How do you maintain your figure? 
Portia: I use to just eat and let my metabolism do the work. Currently, I’m exercising a few times a week and watching most of what I eat, allowing my healthy lifestyle in.
Why is it so important for you to win the Maxim Finest’s contest?
Portia:  Maxim celebrates all around beauty, inside and out, and I’m that for you! Choosing the finest is important to viewers, and everyone loves something different. Hello, me again! sheesh Maxim Magazine is already Great, so Maxim Finest needs that culture Spice and Flavor. It will only make things even more tasteful! This is a big deal to someone like me, so any vote will count, and make me even more motivated. I’m very humbled by the opportunity, I most definitely want to find ways to make the people proud of choosing me. There’s a modeling contract on the line and magazine spread. That a major key!
A question that is asked on the Maxim Questionnaire about what I would do with the $25,000 modeling contract. I responded by saying “I will definitely find a charity or a way of giving back something first and foremost.”! That’s important for me, especially with the major hurricane that hit my state of Texas. Everything after that will be a full investment to the future in every way possible. I’m currently furthering my education. Creating a legacy that will bless the next generation and even my line of generation will brighten the world. God and then family and loved ones are my BIG keys to succeed.
If a young girl/boy wanted to be a model what would your advice for them?
Portia: Be You! Whoever you want to be, be that!
It’s great to know that hard work doesn’t fall short to your admirations. Always be willing to work harder than the next person. Enjoy life and do your research of the industry, gain as much knowledge and wisdom as you can gain.
Most importantly listen to your instinct, that voice is a higher power giving you a inner strength only you know!

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