Beats X Beers Flint Line-Up Has Officially Been Announced


Our good friends over at Beats x Beers will be stopping in Flint on July 4th during the stint of the official tour for Flints Water Festival. As you may know, the Beats x Beers Tour has been all over the country in the past two months catering to artist in top hip hop markets. Brandon Corder, hip-hop producer and founder of Beats X Beers is a native of Flint, Michigan as well as many of the BxB staff who is supportive of the Flint Water Festival which is boosting awareness about the water crisis happening in the city.

Flint will be headlined by none other than Ira Dorsey and Matt Hinkle of the legendary group Dayton Family, King IssaJakeFella + Yung Rudy Da Bizness, THOU formerly known as 1000 Bars, Lyric Da Queen, Velly Baretta, DCP Tony  B and more.

There will be a special tribute for the ‘ate rapper MC BREED. MC Breed was creator of the classic “Ain’t No Future In Ya Frontin” and he will forever be considered a legend in Flint.

RSVP for Beats X Beers Day Party Here 

Dayton Family – “Flint Town”



DCP Tony B – “Hallelujah”


Click link to purchase DCP Tony B new single “Hallelujah” on Itunes


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