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DCP Tony B is set to perform in Flint on July 4th with Beats x Beers Tour!


Beats x Beers is a place where you can find some of the dopest upcoming talent performing live in front of true hip hop crooners and on July 4th, you will have the chance to check out some talented artist who will be traveling thousands of miles away to Flint to support a major cause happening in the city.

The #FlintWaterFestival will be the place to be if you support hip-hip and most importantly the water crisis that has taken the city by storm.

WTFITB: Who The F#*! Is Dcp Tony B?

Dcp Tony B is an brand ambassador of Beats x Beers and a energetic artist similar to Juicy J has a dope new single entitled “Hallelujah”, a catchy song that will get you ready to make the drive to Flint from Atlanta.



Connect with Dcp Tony B 







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