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Sit down, Be Humble: Watch as Apple VP Eddy Cue says “Tell That Bitch to Sit Down” in reference to Rihanna was cheering court side.

Eddie while screaming “tell that bitch to sit down”. He’s so frustrated, it’s funny to the point where RiRi had to laugh at the Apple Executive.

Eddy Cue is a Warriors super fan and he’s also an executive at Apple who makes enough money to sit comfortably during the Finals and talk shit to celebrities.

On the other hand, Rihanna is a super fan of LeBron James and one of the top selling recording artist in the world. Last night, Cue burst into frustration and tells the refs “Tell That Bitch to Sit Down” in reference to RiRi after she decided to take a bow paying homage to King James.

Rihanna’s fans immediately went into rage as they hit their social media accounts, sending out tweets, posting screenshots and videos of the incident which occurred last night during Game 1 of the NBA Finals.

Cue took to social media to deny what was said and a fan of the multi-platinum singer shared the video below.



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